EMT Training

EMT Classes

EMT classes are offered nationwide for those who have a high school diploma or the equivalent. For introductory courses, there really are no major state by state differences. However, before signing up for EMT classes it is good to consider that you will have to take a written exam as well as demonstrate your proficiency in a practical test. The first classes you will take as an EMT trainee will be part of EMT basic. See our webpage on this subject for more information. Before choosing an EMT class to attend, ask around and see if others are satisfied with their experiences. You may even ask to sit in on a class or two to determine if it's right for you.

EMT classes are offered at many common vocational schools and tech colleges. There may also be more inexpensive options provided through state and local government facilities. Some online courses are also available for the booklearning sections of training, but obviously nothing will beat hands on training and you'll need it to pass the full licensing exam.