EMT Training

EMT Certification

EMT certification consists of three levels: basic, intermediate, and paramedic. The exams required for emergency medical technician certification vary from state to state, but all of them require some sort of test to prove competency. EMT certification for basic is administered both by state agencies and by the national registry of emergency medical technicians, or NREMT, who's website is at http://nremt.org. After passing the exam, recertification is needed about every two years, depending on the state and employer.

EMT certification may also be included in the training program you choose. Some programs offer a chance to retake the test if you don't pass the first time. Most courses emphasize the exam and provide plenty of support by teaching the test and preparing you for what questions will be asked. There are also numberous online websites that provide sample questions and answers similar to what you will see on the test. It goes without saying that some sites take this a step farther and actually provide the answers to test questions. Not only is this unethical, but it can also hurt your ability to perform under stress. After all, if you can't handle the pressure of the certification exam, how will you do when someone's life is in your hands?